Aaleyah Design AB is a small company located in Stockholm, Sweden, focusing on leather handicraft.

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All products are examples and made to order unless stated otherwise.

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Sleek, black and sexy...

This is one of the most complicated harnesses I have made to date, but it was also one of the most rewarding experiments to work with.

It leaves any sweet spot free for play, if you are so inclined, yet still have the comfort and durability of a good carting harness. Extra D-rings around the rig makes it possible for the owner to tie up its pony securely when need arises.

The thigh straps are simply for show and doesn't add any special perks for working in it, and you can order the harness with or without, according to need.

The harness is breath-takingly beautiful, with lines that enhances the female curves, made to accentuate the pony-girls elegance and sensuality. I have not yet made a male counterpart, but I'm eagerly awaiting the opportunity to do so!

Tail not included.

Price: 9,500SEK

This fancy bridle was made for a Swedish pony named King. As you can see, his name is mirrored in the little crown on the brow band of the bridle, leaving no doubt about who the tack belongs to.

King is a real show-off, always making poses and enjoying being the center of attention, and I wanted to let his bridle show just that.

The contrast of the black and white really draws the eye, and the flashy bling on the brow band is also a testimony of how much he loves getting attention - he chose the details himself!

King's harness is the same eye-catching black and white as his bridle. Made to accentuate the male form, it sports lines that enhances the V-shape of the upper body.

The harness is made with carting in mind and is comfortably padded for an entire day of activity. It also has extra D-rings at crucial places, in case the owner has to tie up its animal when resting or doing other things.

The double straps between the legs frames the male package in a subtle way while making sure the hip-belt stays in place during work.

Tail not included.

Price: 7,500SEK

This harness is made mostly for show, although it is sturdy and comfortable enough to spend a whole day in; doing carting, jumping, dressage and anything you can imagine as a pony.

Mainly, I made it as a test - to see if I could. It was tricky work, cutting out the little windows that would display the turquise material underneath, and it took longer than I would have liked - but the result is well worth it!

The eye-catching part over the hips, together with the crotch-straps, frame the buttocks in a nice and attractive way, making driving a cart behind the pony a truly enjoyable experience.

With the white colour, the turquise parts and the brass details, this is a harness for a true show-pony!

Tail not included.

Price: 10,500SEK

A black mane for a black horse.

Manes are a pain to make and takes a lot of time and work to accomplish and I'm grateful I have a full head of hair so I don't need the extra mane - but for someone who want to keep short hair yet loves the long sweep of a mane when engaging in pony play, this is a good way to achieve that!

Price: 2,500SEK

Shake that tail!

The tail is a very expressive part of the horse, and I love making realistic tails. It's a

lot of work to make a beautiful tail and they all end up individual, not only due to different colours.

Want to try and make your own tail? Here is a tutorial:

Make your own tail!

Hoof Boots.

An experiment which turned out good looking but rather useless - the hoof boots are good for photoshoots but not much else!

The hoof is molded in Plastic Padding around a high-heeled shoe with the heel cut off, then dressed in rabbit-fur. The little extra metal support underneath is needed to keep the point of balance further back. Had it been a little longer it might also have worked as intended...

A friend asked if I could copy his old, tattered mobile belt pocket and make a new one, so I did. His new one will most likely last him a lifetime, since the original was made out of some fake skin material and mine is made of calf skin. It has two pockets, one atop the other, closes with a magnet lock and has a sturdy loop for the belt on the backside.


Because every pony needs a set of bells!

Steampunk hand bag. I love steampunk and I recently found myself in need of a new hand bag, so I decided to make that steampunk inspired hand bag I have wanted for so long. I didn't know what it was going to look like, but after sitting down and looking through a few inspirational pictures I came up with this design.

Two strangulation collars, one in black and pick and the other in black and red. The pink leather was a pain to work with, but the result is pretty. My favourite is the black and red though.